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Welcome to my practice! I offer short, long-term, and video therapy
counseling services.  I specialize in Adult, Women's, Parenting, Child and Teen Issues!  Flexible scheduling with evening and weekend appointments available.
Servicing the San Jose, Los Gatos, Santa Clara, and Cupertino areas.
Currently NOT accepting new patients!
Your life at ease!


For most of us understanding and communicating our needs does not come easy!  You can find yourself feeling anxious, depressed, or tense.  You might be having conflicts with your children, partners, friends, or on the job.  You may be feeling disrespected and exhausted from parenting your child or teen?  You may be feeling a growing disconnection in your relationship with your partner?  Perhaps you have a vision of how you'd like to nurture or repair your family and social relationships but have been unsuccessful in your attempts. 


There are also times in our lives when we just need someone to LISTEN—really listen to us!  You may be in a difficult relationship or you're having trouble adjusting to a new situation in your life.   Now you feel STUCK and you want a clear understanding of what could improve your situation.  At times we all wish life could slow down if just for a moment!  Therapy can be a significant source of support, guidance, and healing to you and your loved ones!


Even though we aren’t able to control past circumstances of life, WE CAN choose how we allow these situations to influence our present well-being!  I believe that when we find SOLUTIONS to present concerns and efficiently process past difficulties and their effect on us, we can begin to live our lives with confidence, peace, and hope!  This allows us to feel AT EASE  and transform our relationships with ourselves and others.

How can I help you?


My name is Keli Cembellin and I help parents, families, and individuals who are experiencing challenges in their lives uncover their core values and communicate them through their words and actions.  I teach parents, couples, and individuals new methods for communicating to help them understand themselves better and reconnect with their loved ones.  I will help you resolve issues in your life and create a happier more balanced way of living. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist I am able to offer you a highly personalized and tailored approach to therapy based on your goals, needs, and values.  I can help you feel heard and understood!  I can help you loose the guilt you may be carrying and enhance your own self-worth and self-awareness.  You will learn NEW and PROVEN skills to transform your current style of parenting and relating to others.  I can help you build and maintain HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS and BOUNDARIES with others, AND support you to move in a NEW  and CONFIDENT direction in YOUR life!


I believe therapy is a collaborative process in which client and therapist team together to best meet your needs in a safe and nurturing environment.  I will help you find SOLUTIONS to current challenges and become a confident parent, individual, and partner.  I want to build off your STRENGTHS and create opportunities for you to thrive in those areas of your life you'd like to see positive changes.  I would be honored to work with you on your journey to becoming your BEST SELF, Parent, and Individual!

I truly love the work I do and your right to feel safe, supported, and heard without judgment is my highest priority as we work together!







"YOU have the power and potential to create a meaningful and happy life for YOURSELF and your loved ones!"


I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

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