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Parenting Special Needs Children



When most of us think of what goes into raising a family you might think of endless trips to the grocery store or loads of laundry.  There's also many (but enjoyable) sports events and then pick ups from daycare or afterschool programs.  Parenting a child with special needs can look quite different.  There will be multiple trips to the doctors, meetings with your child's education team, perhaps speech or occupational therapy services, potential challenging behaviors around toileting or meal times, just to name a few.  "Special needs" is an umbrella term of which a lengthy list of diagnoses can be found.  Children with special needs may have mild learning disabilities or profound cognitive and behavioral deficits.  Some children may catch up to their peers while some children may remain affected by their disability long-term.  You may be concerned about your child's future, indepedence, or even safety.  If your child receives a designation of "special needs" this can be useful for accessing needed services and establishing appropriate goals for your child's success. 


Getting the right parenting support is very important!  The stress accumulated from raising a special needs child can become overwhelming to you and your partner.  This may show up in the form of marital distress, caretaking imbalances, depression, chronic worrying, irritability, or anger.   When you have the right parenting support you can build positive parental esteem and self-awareness.  You can elimate a sense of guilt that may be connected to your parenting.  You can learn to set clear and supportive expectations for your child and highlight your child's unique strengths and your strengths as a parent.  You and your partner can feel more at ease and connected in your own relationship outside of your relationships as parents. 


I have extensive experience providing quality support to parents of children with special needs in home, clinic, educational, and community based environments.  I am skilled in providing parenting support for children with medical, behavioral, developmental, learning, or mental health issues such as:


Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Oppositional Defiance, Austism, Sensory Integration, Dyslexia, Separation Anxiety, School Refusal behaviors


If you don’t see your area of need, please call me and we can discuss whether I can help or if I can provide you with a referral to a therapist who can better meet your needs!


Some benefits to working with me as your Parenting Coach are:


- Enhanced Self-awaress and Self-worth

- Develop positive communication techniques

- Learn to be flexible and concise in parenting

- Avoid Ultimatums

- Encourage responsible and safe behavior

- Create more "teachable moments"

- Focus on your child's strengths and interests and enjoy being with your child

- Remove negative pressure/ expectations for your child

- Better connection with your partner

- Provide better care for your special needs and typical child(ren)

- Restore HOPE!



Some benefits to your child in working with me are:


- Learn SAFE coping skills

- Learn problem-solving skills

- Improved Self-Esteem

- Learn to Identify and communicate one's feeling states

- Learn social skills and engage in perspective taking

- Establish positive family and peer connections







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