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Parenting Teens

The "teen years" can be a confusing and difficult time of change for teens and parents alike.  Your teen or "tween" can test your patience and your ability to set limits often.  While these years come with many challenges you don't have to watch helplessly as your teenager grows up.  You can still find many ways to encourage positive behavior of your teen while nurturing your relationship with them.  You are your child's "secure base" whether they can admit or not.  Your child needs you! 


However, you might be worrying constantly about your child or teens poor decisions?  Maybe youre facing issues with your child or teen that you don’t know how to handle?  Or you often think to yourself "Why won't my child talk to me?"  Perhaps your child or teen is struggling with:


Anxiety or Depression; Low self-esteem or Body Image; Relationships; High Risk Behaviors; Social Skills; Bullying; Low Academic Performance; Sibling Rivalry; Overcoming a traumatic experience; or Struggling with a transition (recent divorce, change of school placement, loss of loved one or friendship). 


Oftentimes, children and teens do not understand what changes or difficulties they are experiencing.  As a parent, YOU KNOW when something is wrong with your child even if your child is unable to express it.  Nothing pains you more as parent than to see your child suffer.  Or when you work so hard to connect with your child and help resolve their issues but are unsuccessful in your attemtps.  Finding a therapist skilled enough to uncover these emotional blocks for you and your teen is key!  In my rich experience of child and parent education, coaching, and counseling, I have helped many families overcome such challenges.  I have been honored to help so many parents strengthen their bonds with their children and together achieve their goals for success.  I can help you undestand and reconnect with the child you love.  I offer a comfortable, safe, and down-to-earth approach to counseling working towards concrete and faster results for your child and yourself!  Helping an adolescent become a responsible, caring, and independent adult is not easy!  I can help!


Some benefits to working with me as your Parenting Coach are:


- Enhanced Self-awaress and Self-worth

- Develop positive communicatioin techniques

- Learn to be flexible and concise in parenting

- Avoid Ultimatums

- Encourage responsible behavior

- Create more "teachable moments"

- Focus on your child's strengths and interests and enjoy being with your child

- Remove negative pressure/ expectations for your child

- Better connection with your partner

- Restore HOPE!



Some benefits to your Child/ Teen in working with me are:


- Improving self-esteem and increasing confidence

- Feeling less depressed or anxious

- Improving academic performance

- Learn to accurately identify and communicate their feelings to others

- Learn to safely manage difficult emotions before it becomes a crisis

- Establish positive family and peer connections

- Develop problem-solving and leadership skills

- Create healthier habits and reduce self-defeating behaviors











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